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Many ‘financial advisors’ do not operate in their client’s best interest. Their clients quickly come to realize these ‘financial advisors’ only operate in the best of interest of the bank or financial institution they’re paid to represent and sell financial products for.

At Principal Planning, we have strong, uncompromising principles. We believe today’s wealth managers should always operate in the clients best interest and not in the interest of the institutions selling the financial products.

This is why we require our financial advisors to become one of only 170,000+ Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Professionals, in the whole wide world. As CFPs, we are recognized internationally for Excellence in Financial Planning. The best of the best.

Sought-after, this CFP professional designation requires our financial advisors to:

  • Maintain high standards of knowledge, skills, abilities and ethics
  • Act honestly
  • Place their client’s interests ahead of their own and ahead of all other interests

Only when a financial advisor achieves and maintains their CFP designation should you consider them worthy enough to be called your wealth manager. Afterall, you deserve assurance the design of your financial future rests with an appropriately qualified, professional wealth manager who’ll always put your interests ahead of their own.

We believe these principles are so important, when you visit us, you’ll notice them proudly displayed in our lobby because we are totally committed to upholding them everyday.

Besides being more educated, our wealth managers are also younger than most in the industry. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the average manager age is 61 years old. The average age in our practice is under 40.
This gives you peace of mind knowing your team of wealth managers will be around for many more decades to personally help you handle your financial affairs over the long term, into retirement and to the end of your life…and beyond.

Life is Complicated and Can Be Overwhelming.

Unfortunately, 60% of people never seek financial advice. We understand it’s overwhelming to even think about starting the financial planning process. Our Certified Financial Planners can look at your whole picture for you and provide the expert guidance you need to take charge of your future.

Financial Planning
In order to clarify and quantify your goals, we must first help you understand your current situation, and then help you determine your possibilities.
Retirement Planning
Retirement plans integrate risk, tax, financial goals, and asset allocation, in order to achieve your best possible outcome.
Estate Planning
Building wealth is a lifelong project. We help you maximize distribution to your family, friends and community throughout your life and at your passing.
Insurance Analysis
Your family is your top priority. Doing the right thing when it comes to their future is important. And that means making sure they have the financial protection they’ll need if one of you dies unexpectedly or becomes seriously ill.
Group Benefits
Competition for the best people is fierce. That's why any successful business sees customized benefits and retirement plans not as a luxury, but as a necessity. These comprehensive plans play a key role in attracting, retaining and transitioning the workforce.
Business Succession Planning
We help business owners map the issues that might affect the transfer of their companies. We work with your legal and accounting advisers to ensure the plan is achievable and structurally sound.
How We Work
We Work Hard To Make a Difference in Your Life.

Our expert recommendations are driven by your needs, not ours. It’s that simple. When you become our client, you’re under our protection 24/7/ 365 days per year.

We strongly believe in financial education. We’ll take the time to clearly explain everything you need to know about your financial matters. Simplifying the complex is why we’re here for you.

We have proven financial planning procedures that enables us to get to know your financial pains and your expected gains.

We use the latest financial research and planning tools that enable us to provide you with the strongest coverage and investment recommendations based on your needs and risk levels.

As a dedicated team of wealth managers, we are very process driven which will provide you with consistent results and responsive service.

Certified Financial Planners
Meet Today's Wealth Managers

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate team work together with you to understand your unique financial needs and to provide expert, unbiased advice to help you achieve your goals.

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Ensuring Your Best Interests. Always.