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Financial Planning, Simplified.

Many ‘financial advisors’ do not operate in their client’s best interest. Instead, they operate in the best of interest of the bank or financial institution paying them to represent and sell their brand of financial products.

At Principal Planning, we have strong, uncompromising principles. We believe today’s financial advisors should always operate in their client’s best interest FIRST AND FOREMOST.

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We Work Hard To Make a Difference in Your Life.

Our expert recommendations are driven by your needs, not ours. It’s that simple. When you become our client, you’re under our protection 24/7/ 365 days per year.

We strongly believe in financial education. We’ll take the time to clearly explain everything you need to know about your financial matters. Simplifying the complex is why we’re here for you.

Meet Today's Financial Planning Specialists

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate team work together with you to understand your unique financial needs and to provide expert, unbiased advice to help you achieve your goals.

Gerard Nash

Certified Financial Planner

Kory Pike

Financial Security Advisor

Sharon Nash

Financial Security Advisor