We're Unbiased and Responsive
If Your Current Advisor Is NOT Meeting Your Expectations, We Will.

How does it make you feel when you don’t hear back promptly from your current advisor when you need them? Especially, when you get a statement showing you’ve lost money or you’ve just changed careers and need to transfer your retirement plans from your previous employer?

You might start feeling your advisor is acting in the best interest of the institution they work for, rather than in your best interest.

We are not a bank. At Evolution Wealth, you will not see a 20 year old in our firm with a GIC. We’ll look at your risk tolerance and design a plan to meet your specific needs. . We’ll explain all types of investments from RRSP’s to TFSA’s to Mutual Funds, ETF’s and Segregated funds.

We’ll educate you on investment strategies and provide financial strategy analysis and comprehensive reporting. We’ll prevent you from making irrational moves during market corrections. We’ll always act in your best interest regardless if it impacts our compensation. We’ll provide you with expert advice and lifetime value.

Business Succession Planning
We help business owners map the issues that might affect the transfer of their companies. We work with your legal and accounting advisers to ensure the plan is achievable and structurally sound.
Group Benefits
Competition for the best people is fierce. That's why any successful business sees customized benefits and retirement plans not as a luxury, but as a necessity. These comprehensive plans play a key role in attracting, retaining and transitioning the workforce.
Financial Planning
In order to clarify and quantify your goals, we must first help you understand your current situation, and then help you determine your possibilities.
Retirement Planning
Retirement plans integrate risk, tax, financial goals, and asset allocation, in order to achieve your best possible outcome.
Insurance Analysis
Your family is your top priority. Doing the right thing when it comes to their future is important. And that means making sure they have the financial protection they’ll need if one of you dies unexpectedly or becomes seriously ill.
Estate Planning
Building wealth is a lifelong project. We help you maximize distribution to your family, friends and community throughout your life and at your passing.

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Our highly qualified team of wealth managers are ready to work with you, every step of the way.