How Some Newfoundand Nurses Are Lowering Their Long Term Disability Rates

Nurses in our Province have faced substantial increases in their Long Term Disability rates over the last few years.

Many Nurses have found their rates have increased by over 50%. It’s little wonder they’re beginning to feel their long term disability rates becoming more and more unaffordable.

Buying a personal plan may be a cost effective solution. Most Newfoundland Nurses can purchase their own personal plan which will keep their rates the same up to the age of 65.

Personal plan rates can be substantially less than their current group plan. In one recent example, a Nurse was able to reduce her rates by $75 per month for essentially the same plan she had previously.  This represented a savings of $900 of net income per year!

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Gerard Nash, B.Comm., CFP ®

Gerard Nash
Gerard graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. In 2001, he earned the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) from the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada. He holds many achievement awards from Freedom 55 including Wealth Advisor of the Year and Corporation of the Year. Gerard is passionate and thorough in building and protecting the wealth of existing and new clients. His practice is in it’s twenty-third year with London Life and Freedom 55 Financial (now Canada Life). In 2019, he incorporated his business under the name 'Principal Planning' and invited additional financial planners and advisors with the same commitment and competencies to join him in providing quality financial advice. Gerard is licensed in the provinces of Newfoundland and Ontario. He welcomes new financial inquiries, and promises excellent, honest advice. Gerard hails from the Cape Shore area in Newfoundland. He lives in St. John’s with his wife, Sharon, and their four children, Joshua, A.J., Connor, and Elizabeth. He is a huge basketball fan and can usually be found coaching and watching his kids basketball games on the weekends!

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